Celebrating 15 years of Padrino Foods

This month, we celebrate Padrino Foods being in business for 15 years.  It’s milestone moments like this, where you reflect on where you started and where you are now and all of the moments in between.  Our story is filled with moments of trust, faith, and true genuine hard work.  We truly started with humble beginnings in 2006.  David and Diane Luther (also known as Tamale Dave and Tamale Diane) knew they had the best tasting tamales around and they wanted to share them with others.

Dave and Diane with our first Padrino Truck

Tamale Dave and Tamale Diane knew that their heating method (boil bags) could truly change the way people enjoyed tamales.  They just needed that first customer to see the value and place the first order so that Padrino Foods could get off the ground.  David and Diane packed up the car with a cooler of tamales and made the drive from Dallas to Lubbock to secure that very first customer.  They visited United Grocers in Lubbock with the knowledge that if United didn’t bring our tamales in to their store, Padrino Foods would fail before they even got started.  United tasted the tamales and knew that their customers would love them as well.  They trusted in us to continue to provide tamales made with fresh ingredients and hand rolled in fresh corn shucks.  We took that first success and built upon it with true grit and determination.

Padrino Tamales on the shelf at Market Street/United – our first customer

Having the best tamales around has also helped us grow over the last 15 years!  We have been able to show our customers that you can have homemade tasting tamales without the process involved to create them.  In 15 years, we have grown from that first grocery customer to a multi-million dollar operation.  As we reflect back, we know that we truly couldn’t have grown to what we are (and where we are going) without the support of our amazing employees.  We have employees that have been with us since the beginning.  They have continued to believe in us as we added new flavors, new customers, and revolutionized the way that tamales are created.  In the next year, we can’t wait to highlight our employees and all that they have accomplished as Padrino Foods grows.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with us as we grow in 2022.

Employee cook-out to celebrate all of their hard work

Cheers to 15 years Padrino Foods!  Cheers to all of our family and friends who have supported and cheered us on!  Raise a glass and enjoy a tamale dinner this Holiday Season!

Tamale Season at Taco Bueno

It’s tamale season!  This is the time of year where you start to see tamales on the menu at more restaurants and on grocery store shelves.  We have good news to share!  We are proud to announce our partnership with Taco Bueno.  Taco Bueno operates 156 restaurants across the south and the Southwest.  Taco Bueno will celebrate 52 years by serving up delicious, quality Mexican-inspired classics by doubling down on quality and made-by-hand preparation.  Padrino Foods fits right in to their quality standards and fresh ingredients. Padrino Tamales start from scratch with only the freshest ingredients and quality cuts of meat.  To finish them off, they are still hand rolled in fresh corn husks.

At all Taco Bueno stores, you will now see our tamales on the menu.  They have two flavor profiles for you to choose from.  You can purchase our top selling flavor, Pork, or enjoy a nice twist and grab the brisket tamale.  Check out the menu offerings and pick up 3, 6, or 12 tamales to enjoy this holiday season.  You can expect the same great quality you always receive from Padrino.  Not sure what to serve them with, Taco Bueno has you covered.  Rice and Beans?  Queso?  Guacamole?  What is your favorite pairing with our tamales?

Click here to find a Taco Bueno near you!

We are working hard to continue to make our high quality tamales available to more customers at more locations.  We just got word that we will be on the menu at a major Mexican Restaurant and we cannot wait to officially share the news.  For now, head on over to Taco Bueno and let us know what you like to enjoy with your tamales.

The Padrino Foods World Tamale Eating Championship


Come join us for The Padrino Foods World Tamale Eating Championship presented by Market Street.  The event happens at noon on September 25 in Old Town Lewisville, TX.  This is a Major League sanctioned event that will be featuring professional contestants.  How many tamales do you think the professional eaters can eat in 10 minutes?  Will the world record be broken this year?  We are excited to be a part of this fun event.  Padrino will be on site to sample our tamales to the crowd as well as answer any questions you might have about us.  Come out to see us and grab some delicious tamales to enjoy!

Click Here to read about a local contestant in the eating competition.  Tune in to our Social Media Pages to follow along with us!

Click Here for more information about Lewisville Western Days!  There will be great concerts, amazing food vendors (including Padrino), the tamale eating championship, games, and family friendly entertainment.


Behind The Scenes

It is true that creating homemade tamales is a very labor intensive and long process.  For generations, tamale recipes have been handed down among families.  The making of tamales is a family event where everyone comes together to participate in the process.  The same is true at Padrino.  Our recipe has been refined over the generations.  Padrino Foods is a family owned and operated company that prides ourselves on staying true to our past while creating the best tamales for large amounts of people.  We see it as making it possible for more people to enjoy homemade tamales without the cumbersome process.  At Padrino Foods, we start the process of creating our tamales with all fresh ingredients and nothing coming from a can.  As you tour the plant, you will see fresh crates of produce.



We hand de-seed our peppers, season the meat ourselves, and even hand roll each and every tamale in fresh corn husks.


Taking a peek behind our USDA inspected factory doors shows you families working together at Padrino.  If you walk the plant you will find all areas of tamale making happening on site at our facility in Irving, TX.  We do not outsource or hire co-packers for our tamales.  We inspect each step to ensure that all tamales that leave our facility taste just like they do if you are making them with your family at the holidays.  Isn’t it nice to know that when you buy a package of Padrino Tamales that you are buying the best made with the best ingredients?  Enjoy!  We hope that you have a Great Day and a better tamale!

What is a Tamale? — The History

Tamale is the Spanish singular word for a packet of dough made from masa. Masa is ground corn enhanced with lime juice or calcium hydroxide to make the corn more bio-available. The masa dough is spread inside of a corn husk and filled with savory or sweet ingredients and then steamed or baked.

Tamales however humble are time consuming to make. It’s a multi-step process that goes a lot quicker with helping hands. Many families will gather in the Fall or Christmas and eat, drink, dance and enjoy one’s company, a joyous occasion enveloped in years of tradition.

The Mayans and Aztec civilization used tamales as portable food for hunters, travelers, and warriors. Beyond the practical uses tamales played a huge role in the ancient world of sacrifice and gods.

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Diane and David Luther

D Magazine — Ready To Cash In

David and Diane Luther, president and vice president, respectively, of Padrino Foods in Dallas, hope to give the Super Bowl a Tex-Mex flavor with tamales served in the suites and at concession stands.

“The tamale would be a great way to put a Texas spin at the stadium,” David Luther says. “We just really feel like this product has great potential in that venue. Tamales and nachos. What would go better?”

The 3-year-old company with 15 workers, owned by friends Diane Luther, Peggy Murray, and Renee Black, is working to get its individually vacuum-packed tamales into area sports venues, including at Cowboys Stadium.

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Padrinos Food Dave Luther Tamales

Take The Night Off From Cooking

We know you find yourself coming home from work and the last thing on your mind is what’s for dinner. No need to worry, take the night off! That’s why we created easy sealed frozen packs to-go. With Padrinos Foods, all you need is to warm up our wonderful tasting tamales for a minute or two and dinner is served. We package our product in vacuum-sealed bags for convenience, maximum freshness and extended shelf life. The bags can be placed in boiling water, re-therm units, steamers or microwaves.

“We take great pride in our tamales: how they tastes, ingredients and the way it is made and served to you. We are constantly creating new delicious combinations and offer a large range of flavor options.”

Padrinos Foods strives in keeping customers happy with great tasting tamales while always remaining in touch with our roots and committed to our values of quality, authenticity, environment, health and community.

Padrino Foods Tamales in D Magazine

D Magazine — Padrino Foods Tamales

As a native Texan, tamales are nothing new to me. While growing up, my mom would eat tamales for lunch during the summer and I was always a fan. She regularly got the kind they sell in a can at the super market, (which now, as an adult, I realize really should not even be considered real tamales). But because I have loved them from the start, I am always trying different types to see which I like best. View Full D Magazine Article